Friday, October 03, 2008

No Place for Salaat

Last Friday I had Iftar with a couple of varsity friends and three of their school friends. We went to a recently popular and expensive place in Dhaka. One thing really hurt me in that place. They have made arrangements for Iftar, so that people can break their fast after having their stomachs empty for the whole day for the sake of Islam, while we were sitting there, recitation from the Holy Quran was playing, how religious minded this all may seem. But shockingly, they have no place for Salaat (Namaaz). The Maghrib azaan went off, everyone started eating, they've stayed hungry all day to fulfill a Farz of Islam, and yet 3 rakaats of Farz Salaat was going away begging, and no one seemed to care. Me and my friend had to take an almost 10 minute walk to the mosque to perform our prayers. Really shocking to see the lack of knowledge and negligance about the Salaat within the common people. That only brings back the blame on us, those who understand, because it was our duty to make them understand, and we're not even trying.