Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Purpose of Science

Many people think that science and religion are at odds. Many scientists think that religion is against science, many pious people think that science is anti-religion. But most people fail to understand that science and religion are not against each other. Science is in fact a creation of God. Allah has created science for us, then how can it be against religion? If we look with an open mind, we will see that science and religion are infact intertwined.

Allah has created us to worship Him, and everything else is created to serve us.But how? Science tells us how. Through science we get to know the use of every single element of the universe. Take a look around. Every thing we see has been created by man from the elements of nature to serve humans. Through science Allah taught us what to do with what.

Allah has created heaven and hell. Why? We all know why. He will send the believers to heaven and the disbelievers to hell. Now take a look around again. If you look at the vastness of the universe when you look at the sky, the earth, the beauties of nature, you have to think, why would anyone disbelieve in the existance of God? That's where science comes in again. Science creates an explanation of everything.Whatever we look at, everything, every event has a scientific explanation.Then one starts to think, if science can explain that, then what has God got to do with it? That's how science creates doubts in our mind. And because of these doubts our faith in God is put to the test. That's why there are believers and disbelievers, heaven and hell. Disbelievers take science as god and god as fiction, while believers take Allah as almighty creator and science as His gift.

So we can clearly see that through science Allah serves the biggest purposes of creation.

Lastly I couldn't resist to qoute a line from the book Angels & Demons that I liked too much,
Science and religion are not at odds,
science is simply too young to understand.

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